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Audience Engagement is a valuable promotional asset.

You want your audience to be fully engaged with your event, to let them know that their engagement is a really important part of its success and hope that if their engagement will also help to promote it to the world on social media.You will also want to gather invaluable customer satisfaction feedback to help make the next event even better!

But people are reluctant to engage.

People are notoriously reluctant to engage unless it is as simple, reassuring and frictionless as possible and although this could be helped by creating an Event App, it’s costly to create one for an event and not everyone is willing to download a single-use app these days.

Without an App to help, most people turn to Twitter but even the most engaged and enthusiastic audience can easily Tweet using the wrong sponsor @Handles and event #Hashtags – frustrating your marketing outreach efforts.

TAPSTAK – Engages people and helps them to promote your event.

TAPSTAK adds customised mobile micro-apps  and real-time push button interaction to your event.  TAPSTAK integrates polls, votes, social sharing and audience or customer feedback to your event as easily as creating a single web-page and for very little cost.

With TAPSTAK you can always be sure that your audience will always have the correct #hashtag and @handles  at their fingertips to  help them promote the most exposure possible directly to the people and channels where it matters most.

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Who Uses TAPSTAK for Events?

Since we launched our TAPSTAK for Events service we have added digital interaction to events ranging in size from 30 to 500 attendees and for a diverse set of customers.

Although the events were very different, the customer satisfaction was always the same – Delighted!

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5 Star Rating

“TAPSTAK added enormously to our event. Giving people attending the opportunity to interact in a more meaningful way with the those on stage at the event improved the experience for everyone”.

 – Liam Fitzgerald. New Frontiers Programme Manager.

How it Works

Micro-apps are a quick, simple and cost-effective way for attendees to interact and engage at your event!


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Choose a TAPTAG for Your Micro-app and add it to your Marketing Materials.


With your micro-app on TAPSTAK people can interact with your Event with a Tap on their Smart-phone!

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