Take Action

TAPSTAK makes taking action instant – Report faults, order services, make payments or autodial at the tap of a button

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get things done without having to spend time queuing or holding on the phone? Image what else you could do in your day if you could get back all the 5 to 10 minutes that you spend just trying to get simple things done? TAPSTAK’s Take Action buttons are all about saving you time.

As a business owner or an organisation manager TAPSTAK gives you the ability to provide a way for your customers or members to quickly and easily send fault reports, order coffee, pay for parking or a road-toll and so much more. A set of smart-buttons within your own branded micro-app can be created on TAPSTAK in only 10 minutes. Smartphone owners can use the micro-apps to send SMS-based payments, emailed fault reports or direct notifications, at the push of a button


Car Breakdown

TAPSTAK allows your customers or staff to quickly and concisely make reports. By creating a micro-app within TAPSTAK for sending preformatted micro-messages to your reporting centre, actionable information can be collected at the tap of a button on a smartphone.

For example, a rental car service could use TAPSTAK to provide their customers with the ability to press a button to report that the car has broken down. The micro-message could contain details about the customer, car and the problem experienced so that the contact centre could call the customer back prepared with a solution, providing better customer service


Park by Text

Paying for parking by SMS is a fantastic service, imagine if you could allow your customers to create the text at the tap of a button. TAPSTAK allows you to create micro-apps within the TAPSTAK app to create the correctly formatted message including the location, required duration of parking and the users licence plate number to your control centre.

For your customers this means that they can just take note of the TAPTAG for the parking zone and pay while they continue on foot to their destination.



Automated ordering and payment systems can be very costly to install and operate. With TAPSTAK you can allow your customers to place orders and make payments at the tap of a button on their smartphone.

For example, by simply creating a micro-app in TAPSTAK and displaying a TAPTAG, a local coffee shop can now provide their customers with one touch ordering by SMS – with just a smartphone placed behind the counter to receive orders!

By integrating TAPSTAK with SMS payment systems it’s also possible to take small payments by text.


Services Provide

Autodial – Services Provide better customer service by creating a micro-app on TAPSTAK that allows your customers to connect with the correct staff member at the tap of a button. If your contact centre uses ** systems to connect customers to the correct department you can make quick contact buttons on TAPSTAK that can automatically dial into the correct number, making life as simple as pushing a button for your customers.


TAPSTAK has a number of features that make it ideal for enhancing the interactive experience.

Secure Communication

Multi-part messaging allows for acquisition of control data from multiple sources

Quality Responses

You create the message for the user to send so you can easily analyse the date when you recieve a response.

Add Content Links

Content links allow you to use your TAPSTAK 'micro-apps' to drive traffic to your richer content media and increase engagement,