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TAPSTAK is the trading name for Voxtake Ltd, a company established in Ireland in 2013 with the view of creating interactive Interfaces to make life easier. TAPSTAK is the first product released by Voxtake, which offers a platform as a service with a shared mobile application dedicated to push-button interaction. The patented system allows organisations to logon to an online portal and fill out a form to create a micro-application which appears on the TAPSTAK mobile application. Each micro-app can be found by searching a corresponding TAPTAG™ within the app.

The TAPSTAK mobile app is free to download and offers smartphone users the ability to interact with many organisations through one mobile app, making interaction simpler and easier than before.

TAPSTAK is currently available to the Irish market.

Media Contact


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Facts & Stats

During our trial period we have found:

  • 60% Increase to Text-in competition entries in print media.
  • 98% Engagement rate with opened micro-apps.
  • 512 Times the click through rate of a Facebook Ad.

Did You Know that...

The idea for what has become TAPSTAK started with a text-in competition featured on the Irish Late Late Show.

Originally called Voxtake which was a play on vox-pop because it was intended to be used solely for interacting with TV shows it was eventually renamed TAPSTAK as it could be used to engage with almost anything by tapping a button.

Every time we discuss TAPSTAK with someone they come up with a new use for it!