Download TAPSTAK to allow you to interact with any TAPSTAK enabled show, event, service, campaign or object using your smartphone. Just enter the TAPTAG and Tap!

Interaction has never been easier…

Get the TAPSTAK APP Here:
Available to Republic of Ireland Residents… for now.


For Smart-phone Users


1. Download the TAPSTAK Mobile App

The TAPSTAK mobile app is currently available to Republic of Ireland residents. The apps are free to download for both Apple and Android Phones and can be found in the Apple App store and Google Playstore. When you first open TAPSTAK you will be asked to do a one time initial set up which asks for your name and country. Once you’ve done this you’re ready to start Interacting!

2. Discover a TAPTAG

TAPTAGs allow you to find the buttons you need, when you need them. When you come across a TAPTAG, simply enter it into the home-screen. TAPSTAK will instantly open the micro-app you need to interact!


3. Select Your Button.

Each micro-app on TAPSTAK displays a selection of buttons to chose from (just like a remote control). Tapping a button will create a micro-message ready to be sent.  All that’s left for you to do is hit send!

No TAPTAGs around? Why not check out THE STAK in TAPSTAK to find some public micro-apps to interact with!

The Benefits of TAPSTAK mobile

Why download TAPSTAK?

1. Interact on Demand.

Interact with new organisations by simply entering their TAPTAG in TAPSTAK to view their micro-app when you need it! So, you don’t need to download a new app for every organisation you want to interact with!


2. Interact with Many.

The TAPSTAK shared mobile app allows you to interact with all the organisations you interact with throughout your day using buttons to make it easier and quicker to interact which means no need for deleting unused apps to make space for downloading new ones.


3. As Simple as Tapping a Button.

Each TAPSTAK micro-app uses the same format, so you know exactly where to find the buttons you want when you need them. No need for downloading and  learning how to use a new app every-time you want to interact with a new organisation!


4. You’re in Control.

No profiles, no logins, just interaction you control! TAPSTAK doesn’t require online user login which means any information you input to the app is stored in your phone and you decide when and with who you would like to send it to.

TAPSTAK brings all of life's most useful buttons together in one place
- In your Pocket

TAPSTAK - it's your remote control for Life

Communication Channels

TAPSTAK currently integrates with 5 mobile communication channels