Making life Easier!

At TAPSTAK we’re all about making life that little bit easier and what’s easier than tapping a button? Buttons are quick, they’re simple and who doesn’t love to push them? Buttons have been around for over a hundred years, but they’re are still the best way we have of getting things done.

Buttons making things happen.

So we thought: wouldn’t it be great if we could gather all the best buttons together in our pockets, ready for when we need them? We built TAPSTAK to do just that, and now, we’re sharing it with the world.


Who We Are

We’re a small group of innovative, forward-thinking individuals, located in Ireland, with a common purpose – to simplify interaction using smartphones.

As individuals, we each have our own wants, needs and opinions and it’s that individuality that has led to TAPSTAK becoming the flexible, multi-purpose platform that it is today.

TAPSTAK was established in 2015 as a trading name for Voxtake Ltd, with a registered address at Carrigrohane, Co Cork, Ireland.

What We Do

Our goal is to make life easier by speeding up and simplifying many mobile interactions that take longer or are more difficult than they need to be. To do this, we’ve developed the world’s first portable ‘Tap-to-act’ interface for everything.

With TAPSTAK on your Smartphone, you can now Vote, Pay, Reply, Order, Instruct, Control or select anything using just one easy-to-use app. Without writing a line of code, anyone can now logon to TAPSTAK and create a“micro-app” to send micro-messages with just a tap on a smart-phone!

While it will always be nice to chat and talk, it’s not always the best form of communication and that is where TAPSTAK comes in.

Why We Do It

We are driven by the vision of where one universal interface connecting us all to everything in the world around us. We believe that such an interface will not just make life easier for us but it will also allow systems and hardware manufacturers to develop server applications and equipment at a cost and speed currently not possible because a new mobile application must also be created every time.

Over four million apps are now available to download and it seems that every business and manufacturer is creating an app for their own customers or devices only. This is simply unsustainable. We can’t possibly download an app for every business or piece of equipment we want to interact with.

We believe that the time has now come to rationalise interaction for the good of all.

Partners & Support

Some of the business and support organisations that TAPSTAK is currently working with include:


Data Management Systems Limited (DMS), a pioneer in the Information Technology Industry in Sri Lanka has provided ICT products and services for more than 35 years to more than 5000 customers in various industry verticals. DMS Group has a staff strength of more than 600 at present specialized in many areas within the ICT Industry.

DMS Group represents many of the Leading Information Technology Companies in the world. Some of these include Hewlett Packard, CISCO, Diebold, Hypercom, 3Com and the world’s two largest software companies Oracle Corporation and Microsoft Corporation etc.


Oifig Fiontair Áitúil

The Local Enterprise Office South Cork is very much looking forward to working with the business community of Cork and all our enterprise partners to support and nurture economic development within our region.

Already available to book is a range of training programmes for the Autumn period all designed with the small business owner in mind. Please do take a look and see if any of the topics on offer might be of benefit to your business.

This Autumn we also have Management Development Programmes such as The Food Academy Programme and Accelerate – drive your business forward starting. Expressions of interest for both programmes is now open in our online booking section.


Cork County Council

County Cork has a population of 399,216 (2011Census), which represents a 10.3% increase over the 2006 Census. The county is served by 55 councillors, representing eight Municipal Districts and is the largest elected assembly outside of Dublin. There are 186,200 households in County Cork and there are 300,726 names on the 2013/2014 Register of Electors.


European Regional Development Fund

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) aims to redress regional imbalances in the European Union by funding certain initiatives. The current Fund, which runs from 2014 to 2020, is delivered in Ireland through two Regional Operational Programmes managed by the relevant Regional Assembly. Enterprise Ireland (EI) has responsibility for implementing and managing relevant ERDF grants.


The Rubicon Centre

Ireland’s leading business innovation hub The Rubicon Centre is located on campus in the Cork Institute of Technology. Home to 57 knowledge based start-up companies, the Centre is jointly financed by CIT & Enterprise Ireland.

Clients based at the Rubicon are at different stages of development, from concept stage to completing their first customer orders and many are already trading on the International Market.