What we do

TAPSTAK leverages the Power of the Platform along with our patented underlying communications system and universal interface framework to simplify and consolidate human to business interactions on mobile.


Our Mission

To Make Life Simpler!

Our goal is to make interacting with any event, service or device in the world as simple as a Tap on a smartphone using just one mobile app.

We focus on making interaction as seamless as possible for smartphone users and in doing so, help businesses to improve their processes, systems and devices.

Our User-centric focus has allowed us to turn mobile engagement on its head and redesign the process for the Next Generation Internet.






Our Vision

A Universal Interface for Life itself...

Our flexible framework has allowed us to develop a collaborative platform that can facilitate “Tap-to-Act” functionality for a vast range of business interactions.

With multi-channel communications over – SMS, Twitter, Phone, email and API-call, a GDPR Friendly design and the ability to integrate deep tech such as AI/ML for enhancing User Experience, this framework forms the basis for the development of the ultimate convenience app.

TAPSTAK provides one personalised point of access for interacting the world through mobile, for a more seamless mobile experience for smartphone users.

This single app approach also offers opportunities for businesses quickly deploy mobile interfaces to the public, reduce mobile development costs and enhance their events, services and products using new innovative processes and technologies.

Through Experience - Collaboration - Innovation and above all Integrity, we strive to "Do Good" by Harnessing Technology for Universal Benefit.

- Our Values

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