Download TAPSTAK to make interacting with just about anything as simple as tapping a button on your smartphone.

Just enter the TAPTAG and Tap!

Available in Ireland.


What is TAPSTAK?

It's Effortless Interaction...

How to become a TAPPER


1. Download the TAPSTAK App.

The apps are free to download on both Apple and Android. After a quick one time set up – you’re ready to get tapping!

(Currently available in Ireland)


2. Discover a TAPTAG.

When you come across a TAPTAG, just enter it in the app. TAPSTAK will instantly open the micro-app with the buttons you need, when you need them.




3. Select Your Button.

Tapping a button will create a micro-message ready to be sent, so all you need to do is hit send!

No TAPTAGs around? Why not check out THE STAK in TAPSTAK to find some public micro-apps to interact with!

The Benefits of being a Tapper

So why download TAPSTAK?

1. Interaction at the Tap of a Button.

Interaction should be simple – and what’s easier than tapping a button on your smart phone? TAPSTAK allows you to interact with just about anything by giving you the buttons you need when you need them.


2. Interaction You Control.

TAPSTAK mobile doesn’t have on-line login which means any info you add in the app is stored in your phone and you decide when and with who you would like to send it. No profiles, no logins, just interaction you control!


3. Interaction Platform.

TAPSTAK is a shared platform so our mobile app allows you to interact with lots of organisations and things that you come across throughout your day.


4. Interaction on Demand.

No need to download a new app for every organisation you want to interact with – just enter their TAPTAG and find their micro-app for quick and simple interaction.

TAPSTAK brings all of life's most useful buttons together in one place
- In your Pocket

TAPSTAK - it's your remote control for Life

Communication Channels

TAPSTAK currently integrates with 5 mobile communication channels