What is TAPSTAK?

Do you want to make interaction with your business quicker and simpler?

You can now create a mobile application for adding push-button interaction to your show, event, service or object and deploy it to a large number of users within minutes – without writing a single line of code!

Do you want to make interaction with your business easier and faster?

Simply log on to the TAPSTAK portal and fill out a form to create a  micro-app that your customers or audience can use to send prepared messages over  SMS, email, Twitter or direct API for ordering, paying, selecting or reporting problems. In fact if something can be done by pressing a button, then TAPSTAK can probably provide a smart-button to make it happen!

Each micro-app has a corresponding TAPTAG that, like a #hashtag, you can use to let your customers or audience know how to find your micro-app on TAPSTAK.  Post the TAPTAG on anything you want to add interaction to – maybe a billboard to make an ad interactive, or a menu for ordering food, or a printer, for reporting faults. You decide where the TAPTAG is placed, where the micro-message will go and what it will do!


In today’s world we interact with so many businesses, organisations and even things using our smartphones that interaction is starting to get very complicated!

TAPSTAK was created to make push-button interactions as a quick and simple as possible for smartphone users to discover and engage with. We are rapidly building a following of people who just want a simple way to get involved and get things done.

Why buttons? Buttons have been around for a while.  They’re quick, they’re simple and everyone loves to press them! Most importantly they’re still the best way we have of getting things done. Put simply – buttons make things happen.

There are so many times when buttons are so helpful, but sometimes they are difficult to find when we need them. So, we created TAPSTAK with the intention of bringing all of life’s best buttons together in one place – your pocket.

The TAPSTAK mobile app organises all the best buttons in micro-apps within TAPSTAK, which are then easily found by simply searching a TAPTAG. You can even save your favourite micro-apps to “MY STAK” so that your favourite buttons are there when you need them!