What is TAPSTAK?

Do you want to add mobile interaction to your service, product or device?

You can now create a mobile application to add push-button interaction to your show, event, service or product and deploy it to a large number of users within minutes – without writing a single line of code!

Simply click here  to request a trial and we will show you how you can add mobile interaction to your event, service or product within minutes by adding a TAPTAG and creating a Micro-app on the TAPSTAK app.

TAPSTAK is a mobile application as a service, which means that you do not have to commit to becoming a long-term mobile application developer to add a mobile app to your digital mix.

In today’s world we interact with so many businesses, organisations and even things using our smartphones that interaction is starting to get very complicated!

TAPSTAK makes push-button interaction as a quick and simple as possible for smartphone users. We’re rapidly building a following of people who just want a simple way to get involved and get things done.

Why buttons?   They’re quick, they’re simple and everyone loves to press them! Most importantly they’re still the best way we have of getting things done.

So, we created TAPSTAK  to bring all of life’s best buttons together in one place – your pocket.